• Vacuum pump

    VDP-C model is a high-performance dry screw vacuum pump that applies constant pitch screw improved in a new profile format, and it is capable of forming a vacuum up to 0.01mbar abs. in atmospheric pressure without using oil and water.

  • Vacuum system

    Central vacuum system, Hospital suction system, Mechanical booster system, Power generation vacuum system, Steam ejector system, Liquid ring vacuum pump system, Vacuum priming system, Vacuum engineering package system

  • Vacuum pump Overhaul service

    With develoment of high-tech industry, precision and purity requirements have been increased, which in turn led to the increase in the impotance and use of a vacuum as well as interest and impotance of maintenance of a vacuum pump.

  • Vacuum accessories

    Vacuum heat exchanger, Vacuum knock out pot, Silercer, Vacuum control panel, Suction filter cartridge & housing, Oil mist filter & housing, Vacuum valves, bellows, component, Vacuum oil, Vacuum transmitter, Vacuum pirani gauge & sensor